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How to Create a Facebook Business Page - Ar Web Services

How to Create a Facebook Business Page

In this tutorial We will learn how to Create a Facebook Business Page

There are few things you might need to start:

1.A Personal Facebook Account

2.Logo & Cover Photos.

3.Small Introduction about your business.

4.Basic contact information, (phone number & email)

Once you have put everything together we can process to the creation of your Facebook business page

Creating the Facebook Business Page

Access to your PersonalFacebook account. Scroll all the way down where it say, "Create Page"

Follow the instructions then click Publish simple! right?

Any question just send us and quick email Email Us

Customizing your Page

Once you have fill all the information necesary for you business facebook page you can customize you page and make it yours.

Upload Your logo you have created and use it as your profile page photo.

Add you cover for with respective information and design for you business, click on save changes and that it is all you.

Congratulation!You have create your first business facebook page